Wait! Don’t Throw Away Leftover Pickle Masala, Turn It Into These Delicious Recipes

We all can agree to the fact that most of us love eating achar. Whether it is with your parathas or with simple dal chawal- pickles are the one thing that you can pair with most foods. Ranging from mild to super spicy, you can find all kinds of pickles, depending on the culture and state. In many of our families, we have our own recipes for making pickles passed on from generations and some of us might just buy a bottle from the nearest grocery store. In one way or another, a bottle of pickle is always present at our homes.

While we enjoy eating this with most of our foods, we always struggle to eat the leftover masala when the pickle jar is finishing. Although that masala is yummy, eating it directly could harm your throat. To make use of the leftover pickle masala in your jar, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has the perfect solution!

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A trick passed on by Rujuta Diwekar’s family will help you to make use of that leftover pickle. All you need to do is put small white onions in the leftover pickle masala and brew them under the sun for a few days. And your new way to use the leftover pickle will be ready in no time!

Take a look at Rujuta Diwekar’s post:

As this is one way to use the pickle masala, we bring you some other recipes where you can use the masala stuck at the bottom of your jar.

1. Achari Mathri

This snack is famous around India; you can have it with your morning tea, evening snack or any time of the day. The crunchiness on the outside and the soft layer of mathri on the inside is perfect, and you can mix flavours too. Achari mathri is one such flavour that will leave tanginess on your tongue. Check out the recipe here.

Mathri is easy and quick to make

2. Achari Chicken

Another favourite of many people, achari chicken is an easy dish to make at home. A spoonful of achar in your gravy will give this dish a new twist of taste. Have a look at this recipe.


The flavour of achar will spice up your meal

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3. Achari Puri

Now, who doesn’t love having puris? The fluffy, crispy and soft puris can be paired with almost anything. More famously eaten with aloo ki sabzi or chole, puris have become a household favourite. To make the achari puri, mix the leftover pickle masala into your dough and knead till they combine. Then fry and enjoy!


This will give a new twist to your regular puris

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4. Achari Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is a favourite snack for everyone; whether it is a dinner party or lunch with your friends, paneer tikka is always a hit. If you are also thinking about getting that restaurant-style taste in your paneer tikka, try making an achari paneer tikka next time! Take a look at the recipe here.


Make this snack for the time when guests come over

5. Achari Rice

This dish is super easy to make and ready in 15 minutes with two of your leftover things- rice and pickle masala. Mix your leftover rice and fry it in a pan with the achar masala. A new dish of achari rice will be ready in no time.

Try making these dishes at home and let us know how you liked them!

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