Now, Every 3rd Smartwatch In The World Is An Apple Watch

The global smartwatch market grew by 35 percent year-on-year (YoY) in Q1 2021 with Apple maintaining its lead in the segment, according to a new Counterpoint Research report. The Cupertino-based giant captured a 33.5 percent share in the global smartwatch market in Q1 2021, followed by Huawei and Samsung. Counterpoint noted that Huawei continued to face declining sales and Samsung’s Tizen OS was the second most popular OS for wearables, followed by Google’s WatchOS. As the global smartwatch market grew by 35 percent, Apple registered a 50 percent annual growth, capturing a third of the smartwatch market in terms of volumes. The report said that Apple saw its market share climb by 3 percent, riding on the increase in demand for the Apple Watch Series 6 models. Samsung shipments grew 27 percent year-on-year, with the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Watch Active series.

In terms of operating systems, Apple’s WatchOS captured more than a third of the market with a growing attach rate to its base of billion iPhone users, Counterpoint Research said. Google’s Wear OS has not yet achieved such a success in the smartwatch space. This, according to the report, is due to brands developing and installing their own propriety OS to smartwatches. Google’s Wear OS captured a market share, while Apple’s WatchOS captured a 33.5 percent share. Samsung’s Tizen OS captured 8 percent of the market in terms of smartwatch OS.

Counterpoint Research said that Google’s Wear OS may gain market share considering the Google-Samsung partnership announced at the Google I/O last week. Google will integrate Tizen OS with Google Wear OS to reinvigorate the market and go full force after the 3.5 billion Android user base.

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