WhatsApp Backtracks, Says Won’t Limit Functionality For Those Who Haven’t Accepted New Terms

Earlier this month, WhatsApp‘s controversial privacy policy kicked-in, and the Facebook-owned messaging platform said that it will constantly remind those who haven’t accepted the terms. WhatsApp also said that those who haven’t accepted the new policy will lose functionality over time. WhatsApp has now backtracked from that claim and is now saying that users who don’t accepted the updated terms of service won’t actually lose functionality. In a statement, WhatsApp said that it wants to make clear that there are no plans to limit the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who haven’t accepted the update.

“Given recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make clear that we currently have no plans to limit the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who have not yet accepted the update. Instead, we will continue to remind users from time to time about the update as well as when people choose to use relevant optional features, like communicating with a business that is receiving support from Facebook,” the statement read. Now, this could change in the future, but given the criticism WhatsApp is facing from all ends, it is unlikely to go back on this decision anytime soon.

Last week, the government of India asked WhatsApp to retract its privacy policy. The government sent a notice to WhatsApp saying that the new policy is in violation of the country’s laws. WhatsApp later responded to the government saying that the changes don’t impact the privacy of personal messages for users. WhatsApp has also said that most of its users have accepted the new terms of service already.

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