Cluster of islands that serve as an ideal spot for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Denmark is in anticipation of a set of small roaming artificial islands being built in the harbour of Copenhagen later this year and the floating islands are a picture of nature coming together perfectly with the advancements of modern architecture. The Copenhagen Islands built by architect Marshall Blecher and Studio Fokstrot serve as a brand new type of public park.

This ‘parkipelago’ will add an element of “whimsey and wonder” to the old industrial harbours of the capital city of Copenhagen and it also focuses on the functionality of public spaces during the rapid development of urban areas alongside the harbour and how, often, this development threatens recreational spaces.


The Islands will be built completely in the open and free for everyone to use, from boaters and swimmers, to kayakers and people who want to spend some time fishing and enjoying the crisp weather of Denmark. Due to their roaming nature, the ‘parkipelago’ can be moved from the inner harbour to other more isolated and underused corners of the harbour. This will serve as an excellent opportunity to explore and conquer these forgotten locations.

These Islands will be built as tiny self-sustaining individual ecosystems, each with plants, grass and trees that will provide a sanctuary for the local seagulls, swans, pigeons, and ducks. The construction of these little islands will be done with traditional boat-building techniques and all material used will be recycled and sustainable so as to preserve the natural balance of the harbour and to serve as a contrast to the highly developed, urban landscape surrounding them.


After the remarkable reception with which the first prototype islands CPH-Ø1 was received after its launch in 2018, the architect Marshall Blecher has said that there are many more islands yet to come.

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