• Green peas are used extensively in every kitchen across India
  • It contains dietary fibre that helps slow down rise in our blood sugar
  • Green pea pods are also deemed great for weight loss

It is that time of the year when our vegetable baskets are filled with fresh and crunchy green peas. Also called matar in Hindi, this fibrous vegetable is delicious and can be eaten in various forms. From nibbling it as is to adding to various winter-special recipes – green peas are used extensively in every kitchen across India. And what adds to its credits is the rich nutrient-profile. Green peas are loaded with vitamins, dietary fibre, protein, antioxidants etc that benefits our health in several ways.

Green Peas For Diabetes | Matar Health Benefits:

A treasure-trove of nutrients, this winter vegetable has always been a popular choice for regulating blood sugar and managing diabetes. It contains dietary fibre that helps slow down the rise in our blood sugar level. For the unversed, an earlier study found that eating more dietary fibre can boost a group of healthy gut bacteria that further helps prevent type-2 diabetes. The findings were published in the journal Science. As per experts, the low calorie and rich potassium content of green peas further help to keep a check on our blood sugar levels.

Alongside managing diabetes, these sweet and fibrous pea pods are also deemed great for weight loss, managing cholesterol levels and promoting bone health.

Diabetes Diet: How To Make Boiled Matar Chaat:


1 cup green peas

Lemon juice, as per taste

Black salt, as per taste

Half teaspoon roasted jeera powder


Boil the green peas.

Transfer them to a bowl and mix well with lemon juice, black salt and roasted jeera powder and serve.


You may also add some finely chopped onion, ginger, green chilli and coriander leaves to it.


Another option is to add a tadka of ghee, hing and jeera to the boiled peas. All you need to do is to temper a pinch of hing and jeera in ghee and add it to boiled green peas. Sprinkle some salt and serve.

Pair this boiled matar chaat with a hot cup of tea and make your winter evenings a delicious affair!

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