Micro-blogging platform Twitter might be exploring a dislike button or any kind of downvoting system, according to the company’s product lead, who confirmed the feature in a response to a user’s query. The potential change is a part of a larger effort to make Twitter a place more amenable to more nuanced conversations, Twitter confirmed to Mashable. It is important that Twitter does not bring all features it tests, hence there is no guarantee that the company will bring the feature to its platform despite exploring the option.

Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour said that the company is exploring a dislike button or a downvote capability in a reply to a critique who pointed towards Twitter’s development priorities. Jackie Singh, a cybersecurity expert insisted that Twitter should prioritise addressing issues like coordinated inauthentic behaviour, harassment, and misinformation. In a response to Singh, Beykapour gave a point-by-point reply saying that the company does already prioritise inauthentic behaviour, harassment, and misinformation, and that it feels it’s important to solve other problems too. Further, Beykpour said that dislike buttons or a downvote capability is “something we’re (Twitter) exploring.” Beykpour, however, did not give any further information about the feature or when it may roll out for end users. It is, however, noteworthy coming from Twitter’s own product lead.

Twitter had, last week said that it has labeled nearly 300,000 tweets under its Civic Integrity Policy for content that was disputed and potentially misleading during the US election period from October 27 till November 11.

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