Hilarious video of baby laughing while eating has gone viral.


  • A video of baby laughing while eating cream has gone viral.
  • The mother spurts whipped cream from bottle into the baby’s mouth.
  • The adorable video is too cute to miss.

Ask any mother and you’ll realise it’s almost impossible to feed toddlers, even when offered their favourite foods. Hours of nudging and pestering can leave you exhausted and the bowl of food might not even be finished. Kids are difficult to please, but not this one. A video of an adorable toddler not just enjoying food but also laughing uncontrollably will win your heart instantly and will make you fall in love with him. This viral video is too cute to miss!

After watching the video, we realised it may not be the food itself but the tingling spurt of the whipped cream from a spray bottle that may have amused the baby. The great taste of foamy cream would have just added to the experience. In the video, the mother sprays whipped cream directly into the mouth of the baby, which elicits immediate giggles from him. She also ups the ‘food game’ by accidentally or intentionally splaying some cream on his nose, which makes the baby laugh more.

Watch the viral video:

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Isn’t this video adorable!? The seconds’ long Instagram reel video has garnered lakhs of likes and close to a thousand comments.

While some users showed concern over feeding the small baby with canned woop cream, others just loved the reaction of the toddler to the sweet dessert food.


The cute baby has surely won many hearts. We can feel all the mothers out there impressed and wondering how to make their kids so happy and chirpy while feeding them. 


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