Luxury Fabric Resale Platforms : nona source

Nona Source is an e-commerce start-up engineered by Romain Brabo, Marie Falguera, and Anne Prieur de Perray to reallocate exclusive luxury fabrics, specifically those of LVMH, away from wasted couture storage and into the hands of designers. The digital platform allows designers to shop for already-made high-quality, high-performance fabrics, averting the usage of valuable virgin materials that contribute to climate change through their carbon footprint.

Focused on replicating the in-house fabric shopping experience, The Nona Source platform utilizes high-resolution images of the luxury fabrics to accurately capture their nuanced textures. The digital storefront features an expansive selection of fabrics ranging from cotton and linen all the way to leather and silk in an assortment of rich colors. An integrated search and filter function allows designers to quickly locate and purchase exactly what they’re looking for.

Image Credit: Nona Source

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