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Almond milkshake can be made in a matter of minutes

The summer has been pretty ruthless on us so far and since most of us are in lockdown, we do not even have any place to go to sit and unwind in this sweltering heat. We have to be at home for our own safety’s sake and while things are a bit grim right now, there is no harm in finding new ways to cheer ourselves up. Trying new recipes is one way that is tried and tested. So here is a recipe of chilled almond milkshake that is sure to make you drool. Rich, creamy and intensely satisfying, this milkshake is the ultimate beverage you need this summer. Made just the way you find it in restaurants or local juice corners, this milkshake can be put together in under eight minutes. Food vlogger and YouTuber Parul shares her recipe.

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Here’s How To Make Restaurant-Style Badaam Milkshake In Just 10 Minutes:

1. Add milk in pan and bring it to boil . You have to thicken it until it reduces to 80 percent of the original amount. 
2. Keep 1/4th cup of milk aside. 
3. Take soaked, peeled almonds. Add some warm milk to the almond. Add the milk-soaked almonds in a blender and make a coarse paste. 
4. Now go back to the pan in which you are boiling milk, once it is boiled lower the flame and give it a nice stir. Scrape the sides and mix it back. Heating milk is a very crucial step, this is the secret to the thick, richness you identify with market-style milkshakes. 
5. Next, add some saffron strands for beautiful flavour, aroma and colour. This step is optional.
6. Then add some cardamom powder to the milk and mix again.
7. Now take the milk that you had kept aside and add custard powder to it. Mix well.
8. Add this milk and custard-Powder mix to the milk in pan. Mix well on low flame.
9. Add sugar and the almond paste you prepared. Cook and mix well.
10. Then throw in some chopped cashews, almonds and pistachios. Keep mixing. Mix till you spatula or spoon is lightly covered.
11. Transfer to a bowl. Let it come down to room temperature. Then chill for 2-3 hours and serve with garnish of dry fruits.

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Watch the full recipe video of Restaurant-Style Badam Milkshake here:

Try making this delicious delight at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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